Articles and News for Feb15

  1. 25 Linux Shell Scripting interview Questions & Answers

  2. 3 new rules to keep your enterprise secure

  3. 4MLinux 11.1 Delivers Maintenance, Miniserver, Multimedia and Mystery

  4. 4 Useful Cron Alternatives For Linux

  5. 5 Reasons To Use Linux Mint And Not Ubuntu

  6. 5 Things You Need To Know About CloudStack

  7. 7 Steps to Build a RPM Package from Source on CentOS / RedHat

  8. 8 Good-looking Gnome Shell Themes

  9. 8 advantages of using open source in the enterprise

  10. 9 Best IDEs and Code Editors for JavaScript Users

  11. A Foundation for Node.js as a Community Struggles with Reconciliation

  12. A new open source big data framework

  13. All Ubuntu Phones Are Now Sold Out

  14. Android Candy: Disney Everywhere, Even Android!

  15. Apache Tomcat at risk from Request Smuggling Flaw

  16. BQ and Canonical Officially Launch Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, the First Ubuntu Phone

  17. BackBox Linux 4.1 Keeps Security Researchers Anonymous

  18. Balancing Diversity and Creativity in the World of FOSS

  19. Best Open Source Monitoring Tools

  20. Browse Anonymously with a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR Router

  21. Build An Open Source FM Radio Station With Your Raspberry Pi

  22. Build your own combined OpenVPN/WiKID server for a VPN with built-in two-factor authentication using Packer.

  23. CIOs: It's time to reinvent yourself and your teams, says Weather Company CIO

  24. Can CyanogenMod phones challenge iPhones and Android smartphones?

  25. Cisco Helping Advance Open Source in Networking

  26. Cisco Takes Open Source Route to Policy Revamp

  27. Cloud Foundry Names First CEO

  28. CoreOS 'Rockets' Ahead With Docker Alternative

  29. CoreOS and the App Container Spec

  30. Crossing Our Fingers for a Lucky SCALE 13x

  31. CrunchBang Development Halted

  32. CrunchBang Linux is back from the dead

  33. DataStax Eyes Graph Database Support with Aurelius Acquisition

  34. Designing with Linux

  35. DevOps culture needs to be created

  36. Different file types in Linux / UNIX

  37. Does VirtualBox VM Have Much A Future Left?

  38. Does design matter in open source projects?

  39. Don't Want systemd? Try GNU Hurd, But It Still Lacks 64-bit, Audio & USB

  40. Easing into open source

  41. Elementary, My Dear Linux User

  42. Elementary OS ‘Freya’ Beta 2 Released

  43. Explaining the Big Data Productivity Gap

  44. Facebook Wedges 6-pack Switch into SDN Market

  45. Facebook super-sizes its open networking switch

  46. Faster Raspberry Pi 2 Says Yes to Ubuntu and Windows, But Where's Android?

  47. February 2015 Issue of Linux Journal: Web Development

  48. Fed up with systemd and Linux? Why not try PC-BSD?

  49. Firefox 36 Won't Bring Native YouTube HTML5 Playback, But Will Sync Pinned Tiles

  50. Firefox OS dongle redesign to add quad-core SoC, DRM

  51. [GIT PULL] Live patching for 3.20

  52. GNU Guix Continues Advancing As A Package Manager & Linux DIstribution

  53. Getting started with virtualization in Gnome Boxes

  54. Getting to know the pkg audit command on PC-BSD and FreeBSD

  55. Git 2.3 Brings A Lot Of Small Fixes, Tweaks

  56. Google Ups Ante for Security Researchers

  57. Google's new open-source PerfKit framework watches cloud application performance

  58. HPC Cluster Grant Accepting Applications!

  59. HPL (High Performance Linpack): Benchmarking Raspberry PIs

  60. Hackable Pi-like SBC opts for 1.6GHz quad-core STB SoC

  61. HandBrake Video Transcoder Gets a Grip on Linux

  62. Hats Off to Mozilla

  63. Here's how you can start building websites on Linux with Django

  64. High end dev board taps Allwinner's octa-core A80 SoC

  65. Hitachi Buys Pentaho to Bolster Big Data Business

  66. How About a Chromebook on Steroids?

  67. How I landed a job in open source

  68. How Secure are your Passwords?

  69. How To Customise The Cinnamon Desktop Environment

  70. How To Scan And Check A WordPress Website Security Using WPScan, Nmap, And Nikto

  71. How a database company pivoted to open source & OpenStack

  72. How gamification can save boring software from the brink

  73. How sleeping 6 times a day helped the founder of WordPress build a billion-dollar company

  74. How to Create and Manage Btrfs File System in Linux

  75. How to Install Firmware in Debian to Enable Wireless, Video, or Sound

  76. How to Install IPFire Free Firewall Linux Distribution

  77. How to Log In To Your Linux Desktop With Google Authenticator

  78. How to Setup High-Availability Load Balancer with HAProxy to Control Web Server Traffic

  79. How to Upgrade Linux Kernel to Stable 3.18.4 on CentOS 7.x

  80. How to access Feedly RSS feed from the command line on Linux

  81. How to create and show a presentation from the command line on Linux

  82. How to filter BGP routes in Quagga BGP router

  83. How to install and use Linux Malware Detect (LMD) with ClamAV as Antivirus Engine

  84. How to replace a failed harddisk in Linux software RAID

  85. How to share files between computers over network with btsync

  86. How we used an open source meme generator to promote our journalism

  87. How would you turn off IT's always-on culture?

  88. Ideal Backups with zbackup

  89. Inkscape Version 0.91 is Released!

  90. Install Linux-Dash (Web Based Monitoring tool) on Ubuntu 14.10

  91. Install OpenQRM Cloud Computing Platform In Debian

  92. Install the Gnome Flashback classical desktop on Ubuntu 14.10/Linux Mint 17

  93. Installing proprietary NVIDIA driver in new Kali Linux v1.1.0

  94. Internet of Things Blows Away CES, and it May Be Hunting for YOU Next

  95. Introducing Robolinux KDE, an OS That Windows Users Are Going to Love

  96. IoT gateway runs Linux on QorIQ, accepts Arduino Shields

  97. January 2015 Issue of Linux Journal: Security

  98. KVM Brings Some Improvements To Linux 3.20

  99. Keep A Portable Ubuntu Installation With You Wherever You Go

  100. Korora 21 Darla is finally here -- Linux fans, download the 'Fedora Remix' now!

  101. Lightning Strikes at Salesforce with DIY Development Platform

  102. Linus Torvalds awarded Arch Linux as the most consumer friendly distribution

  103. Linux 3.19 Release adds MPLS Support to OpenvSwitch

  104. Linux 3.19 - and merge window now open

  105. Linux 3.19 rc7

  106. Linux 3.20 Likely to be Renumbered as Linux 4.0

  107. Linux Foundation Bundles SysAdmin Training Course, Certification Exam

  108. Linux Foundation's CII Continues to Fund Open-Source Security Efforts

  109. Linux Kernel-Based Operating Systems Will Have 100% Uptime Thanks to Live Patching

  110. Linux Mint 17 - As Good As It Gets

  111. Linux for Astronomers

  112. Linux-based mobile manipulation bot due soon

  113. Linux-based robot controller targets FIRST robotics contests

  114. Linux-powered quadcopter acts like a smart shuttlecock

  115. Listen up! Open source isn't all code and content

  116. Make Linux More Elegant With Ultra-Flat Icons, Install In Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint

  117. Manjaro Linux LXQt 0.8.12 Is Now Available for Download - Screenshot Tour

  118. Many Drives, One Folder

  119. Material Design + Linux = PapyrOS, Coming soon to a desktop near you!

  120. Measuring the value of your open hardware designs

  121. Mesh-enabled WiFi router runs Linux, promises better coverage

  122. Microsoft to invest in Cyanogen, says report

  123. Mirantis Expands OpenStack Offerings to Japan Market

  124. Mission: Funding all those small but important open-source projects

  125. Monitor MySQL connections and queries with mytop

  126. New To Linux? Don’t Use Ubuntu, You’ll Probably Like Linux Mint Better

  127. Node v0.12.0 (Stable)

  128. Non-Linux FOSS: Animation Made Easy

  129. Non-Linux FOSS: Homebrew

  130. One name really stuck out - Zorin OS

  131. OpenDaylight Intern Program Adds to SDN Education Opportunities

  132. OpenStack Foundation Pulls in $17.5 Million in 2014

  133. Open Source Debate: Copyleft vs. Permissive Licenses

  134. Open modular phone catches the eye of Google

  135. Oracle Linux Now Available on Docker Hub

  136. PC-BSD 10.1.1 Cinnamon review

  137. PostgreSQL, the NoSQL Database

  138. Protect Apache Against Brute Force or DDoS Attacks Using Mod_Security and Mod_evasive Modules

  139. Purism Librem 15

  140. RMS Feels There's "A Systematic Effort To Attack GNU Packages"

  141. Raspberry Pi gets quad-core SoC, keeps $35 price

  142. Rclone - Sync File and Directories to Cloud Storage in Linux

  143. Real-Time Rogue Wireless Access Point Detection with the Raspberry Pi

  144. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 beta available on IBM Power Platform

  145. Repair Linux Boot failures in Grub 2 rescue mode

  146. Report: Docker Not Yet Widely Used in the Cloud

  147. Review: Kdenlive, the Linux video editor I want to use

  148. Rocket and the application container spec

  149. Rolling release vs. fixed release Linux

  150. Second OpenStack Kilo Milestone Now Available

  151. Seeing the cloud through Ubuntu-colored glasses

  152. Setting a static IP on Ubuntu: a beginner's guide

  153. Sharing Admin Privileges for Many Hosts Securely

  154. Should you pay for Elementary OS?

  155. Signal analyzer runs Linux on BeagleBone Black-like core

  156. SimpleScreenRecorder Review: The Best Video Recording App for Games on Linux

  157. Slow System? iotop Is Your Friend

  158. StackIQ: Big Data and the Cloud Demand "Warehouse-Grade" Automation

  159. Startup Applications: automatic execution of the most used programs during every user login

  160. Systemd – for better or worse

  161. Tech Comics: Auto Completion

  162. Tech Comics: Do You Love Me?

  163. Tesora Plans a Course for Database Updates in OpenStack Kilo [VIDEO]

  164. The GNU C Library version 2.21 is now available

  165. The Gotcha-Free PBX: Introducing Incredible PBX for Asterisk-GUI

  166. The One Hardware Company Hammering Linux The Most

  167. The Usability of GNOME

  168. The World’s Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who is Going Broke

  169. The best open-source software for serious Linux users

  170. Three Adware-Infected Android Apps Suspended From Google Play

  171. Three ways to keep IT from becoming the 'Department of No'

  172. Tonido: A Free, Private Cloud And Streaming Media Server

  173. Turbocharged Raspberry Pi 2 unleashed

  174. Two things I've learned from using Tor Browser

  175. Ubuntu 15.04 to Launch with Linux Kernel 3.19, Most Likely

  176. Ubuntu Linux Phone Debuts—for a Select Few

  177. Under the SCALE Big Top

  178. Use Focuswriter for a distraction-free writing experience on Fedora

  179. VLC Media Player 3.0 Will Have Wayland Support, Chromecast Output Module

  180. Watch out DirectX 12! Valve, Khronos to reveal next-gen OpenGL successor at GDC

  181. Welcome the New Breed of Linux Users

  182. What I can say about KDE Plasma 5 that I can't say about Windows 8

  183. What the Ubuntu phone could mean for open source

  184. What will Follow OpenStack Kilo? My Vote is for Liberty

  185. Which Light Weight, Open Source Web Server is Right for You?

  186. Which Linux Desktop is Right For You?

  187. Windows 10 Will Not Kill the Linux Desktop, It Actually Needs It

  188. Wireless Raspberry Pi print server

  189. Without open source, there would be no DevOps

  190. Wondershaper—QOS in a Pinch

  191. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, With The Enemy Within Expansion Reviewed On Linux

  192. You're the Boss with UBOS

  193. Zimbra plans to reinvigorate open source roots

  194. diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development

  195. digiKam Quick Tip: Using Album Categories

  196. ownCloud 8 (Server) Released With Usability Improvements, Favorites Support

  197. ownCloud Hooks Up Global Mesh Cloud for Universities, Researchers

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